🌟 Embark on a Magical Journey: Your Bump2Baby Photoshoot at Hello Gorgeous Studios 📸

Hello Gorgeous Studios

The voyage from pregnancy to motherhood is nothing short of magical ✨. At Hello Gorgeous Studios, we specialize in capturing these fleeting moments through our enchanting maternity and newborn photography sessions. 

This guide is your golden ticket 🎫 to ensuring a smooth and delightful Bump2Baby photoshoot experience.

Booking Your Session:


Kickstart your whimsical maternity photoshoot adventure by reaching out to our friendly booking team 📞 at Hello Gorgeous Studios.

They’ll guide you through a simple step-by-step process to secure your coveted slot. 

Early booking is key 🔑, especially around 37 weeks pregnant, to snag your desired date. Our doors swing open from Friday to Sunday, offering golden hours for capturing your pregnancy glow.

Preparing for Your Photoshoot:


A sprinkle of preparation leads to a galaxy of beautiful photos 🌌. Here’s a cheat sheet for your upcoming professional photoshoot:

Outfit Choices: Dabble in a variety of looks with three outfits. A flowing dress for the maternity shoot is a timeless choice. Mix in a light, a dark, and a creatively matching outfit with your partner and baby for a personalized touch.

Makeup Removal: Arrive with a fresh canvas for our makeup wizards 🎨 to work their magic, tailoring the look to your heart’s desire.

Portfolio Peek: Dive into our portfolio for a splash of inspiration on outfits and looks. Our digital realms are brimming with pictorial treasures from previous maternity and newborn photography sessions.

The Photoshoot Experience:

Step into a world where comfort meets creativity 🎭

Duration: Embark on a journey through a 30-minute makeup wonderland, a 60-minute photography play, digital artistry (30-60 minutes), and a 60-minute viewing voyage.

In-studio Facilities: With a dressing room for magical transformations and a comfy area for baby needs, we’ve got you covered.

Photography Session: Our professional lens wizard will lead the creative spectacle, capturing the special moments of your pregnancy and newborn journey.

Refreshments: Bask in our cozy booths with crafted concoctions 🍹 and a delightful afternoon tea ☕.

Viewing and Selecting Your Images:


In a relaxed private viewing room, your images will dance on a large TV screen, telling the tale of your journey 🎥. 

The basic photo package unveils a free print, with a genie’s lamp of package options to explore. 

With 60-80 images captured during your maternity and newborn photoshoot, you’re on a yellow brick road to finding your picture-perfect memories.

At Hello Gorgeous Studios, we craft more than just photos – we weave memories into a tapestry of timeless images. With a sprinkle of preparation and a heart brimming with excitement, your Bump2Baby photoshoot is a gateway to a realm of cherished memories 🌈.



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